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Fully-customisable care planning software from Tagtronics.

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We specialise in person-centred care management and planning. Booking a free demonstration with Tagtronics Care is the simplest way to determine if our software is the right fit for your home care business.

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Rotas, invoicing, client details, staff details and payroll.

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For carers and family and friends.

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Convert all care plans, assessments and forms to digital.

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Home Care Staff Rotas

With Tagtronics' Home Care Software, effortlessly implement client care schedules, create staff rotas, and provide staff with live access to schedules. Streamline your processes effortlessly using templates.


All-in-One Care at Home App

Tagtronics' Home Care App ensures visit verification through clocking in and out, plus it facilitates medication recording and completion of essential documents. Updates to a home care plan or an accident form are readily accessible to your office team.



Tagtronics Care offers an eMAR system, providing automated reports on all medication tasks in real time. Linked directly to the NHS dm+d, it replaces outdated paper MAR charts. This system also triggers alerts for missed medications in real time, ensuring efficient and accurate medication management by home caregivers.



Giving you the option for your client or their family members to see their rota, view all details of the visit including tasks and have the ability to leave feedback that alerts the office.


Person-centred Care Planning

Tagtronics' Home Care Software will help streamline care planning and document management. Easily convert paper-based documents into electronic formats, and get real-time completion with the signature option. Your home care team can easily upload documents such as risk assessments directly from a tablet during client visits.



User-friendly financial tools offered by our home care software include the ability to generate client invoices, process care worker payroll, and produce mileage reports.


Real-Time Home Care Monitoring

With our home care software, your agency gains complete visibility of every care visit, providing a real-time view of all carer and client interactions. This enables you to monitor care delivery promptly and effectively, ensuring timely support for clients and your staff.

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iconFAQs about our homecare software

How do I see what time my carers log in and out?

Tagtronics’ real-time dashboard gives complete transparency of carer activity.

Can I cancel or add a one-off visit?

The visit screen in the Tagtronics Care system allows you to add additional visits, or cancel existing visits, without affecting the schedule.

Can I nudge visits?

Yes, visits can be brought forward, delayed or set to a new specific start time.

Can I create my rota over any time period?

Yes, you can do this over any time period that suits you, no matter how short or longterm.

How far in advance do carers see their rota?

It’s totally up to you – this can be done over a set number of days, or it can work around what you would class as your ‘rota day’.

Can I invoice my clients all in one go?

Yes, and for any timeframe. These can be emailed directly from the Tagtronics’ system.

Is there a limit to charge and pay rates?

There is no limit in the Tagtronics Care system. You can have as many different rates as you like, for example, hourly, fixed, bank holiday, etc.

Can you calculate the carers’ gross pay?

Yes, the system generates this report automatically from your carers’visits.

Can family and friends leave feedback with the app?

Yes. When feedback is left, you will receive an email notification and can reply directly from the software.

Do I have to buy a particular phone?

The majority of our clients usetheir carers’ own phones, as the Tagtronics Care system works across both Apple and Android devices.

Does it have NFC capabilities?

Yes, the app has options for both NFC and QR codes to scan in and out.

Can I roster all of my client’s visits in one go?

Yes, the Tagtronics’ system offers batch visit creation.

Can my carers change the time on their phone and still log in to the visit?

No, if they do this it will log them off the app and report accordingly.

Is there an audit trail?

Yes, the system enables you to see all changes made by users.

Can users have different permissions?

Yes, you can set different user permissions. This ensures your team only have access to what they need and protects certain information.

Where is Tagtronics Care hosted?

At our secure data centre in Manchester.

Do I have to pay extra for support?

No, all additional support is included within your monthly subscription fee with Tagtronics.

Do you charge for development?

No, we are continually developing our software and are happy to discuss changes that will help you to use the system more efficiently.

Do I have to pay for training?

No, online training is an unlimited resource that is included in your monthly subscription.

Is Tagtronics Care truly an all-in-one solution?

Yes, we have developed every aspect of care management from our central system.

Can I contact you out of hours?

Our hosted support team can be emailed out of hours if you need help accessing the system.

Does the app work with no signal?

Yes, the app stores all scans, notes and comments directly on your phone and sends these when you have a signal again.

Can our clients sign a document?

Yes, any document you create electronically can have the option to be signed by both you and the client.

Does the system calculate travel time and mileage?

Yes, we have integrated Tagtronics Care with Bing maps, which automatically produces mileage reports and details travel time.

Can the carers write notes on the app?

Yes, either as a task comment or as visit feedback.

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Our friendly team understands and supports your move to Tagtronics Care.

Care teams may find it strange at first, but they soon adjust because Tagtronics Care mirrors how they used to work.

That’s why, all our care systems come with FREE and UNLIMITED training and support.

We’re continually innovating and developing our software and apps to make caring easier for you.

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