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Clarendon Homecare is a domiciliary care company, which has been caring for elderly people in Surrey and West London since 1994.

“As Clarendon Homecare began to grow, we needed to coordinate all of our daily care visits to ensure consistent care for all of our service users, and our vulnerable client base means it’s extremely important that carers don’t miss their visits,” explains Dave Vincent, general manager, Clarendon Homecare.

“We used to use a paper system, where carers would handwrite daily notes and these would be regularly collected, reviewed and audited to identify problems. This took up a huge amount of time, and by the time reports were collected and reviewed, any problems identified could be up to a month out of date.

“Senior carers would have to pick up care notes and bring them back to the office. They’d then need to decipher what was going on in the care notes, which was made even more time consuming due to poor hand writing.”

A digital solution

“When started using Tagtronics in 2008, we just used it for work rotas and care planning but continued to use paper for our daily care notes and MAR sheets. Recently we’ve moved even more of our system online, solving the issues I’ve just mentioned,” continues Dave.

“A digital system gives us the ability to respond in much shorter timeframes – instead of being a month behind, you can see things in real-time. If there is an issue, we can pick this up immediately and talk to carers or service user about any problems.

“It’s allowed our senior carers to focus on other activities, such as supervising carers, responding to service user reviews and improving our overall quality of care.”

Improving together

“Tagtronics is always looking to evolve with us, over time we’ve used more and more of the system’s functionality. The mobile app has been fantastic for us as the team are able to adopt the digital system easily.” says Dave.

“Our next step is digital documents, which will allow supervisors and senior carers to update important documents in real time when they’re on the caring front line.

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To understand the difference Tagtronics Could make to your domiciliary care business:

Why use Tagronics?

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why tagtronics

Tagtronics has evolved alongside the homecare industry for over 20 years.

Since it was founded in 2000, Tagtronics has continued to innovate to continually lift standards in homecare – solving care problems with software and apps.

With Tagtronics, you can monitor and control every aspect of your homecare business in one place, from anywhere, with:

  • icon Complete care management system, including rota management, invoices, client and staff details, payroll
  • icon Integrated apps for carers and service users’ family and friends
  • icon Digital documents.

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